How to Build a Trailer. Get Started Today from $29.99

One day over a few beers, My friend Jefferey Brown (from Kansas), told me, that every idea needs a plan to make it a reality. “It was time” he said, ” to get some blueprints on how to build a trailer”.

For years Jeffrey has been buying stuff at the hardware store and either paying extra for delivery, or folding down the back seat and loading that up with stuff from the hardware store, the nursery, or sometimes picking up pieces of furniture.

“You would think”, he said, ” I would’ve woken up years ago. I don’t need anything big, just a yard trailer, so Monica (his wife), can hook it up if she needs to”

He continued “When I wanna go pick something up, she had the SUV. When she wanted to go pick plants or something else up from the nursery, I had it out on a job”

“Plus, when you have a pair of large dogs that want to go where you go it all gets to be a pain”. He complained.

“At least this way,” JB said, ” It will be just a matter of putting a tow ball on Monica’s little car and we stop the juggling”.

“Happy wife happy life” I said.

JB’s trailer with some customization.

How to Build a Trailer. Get Started From $29.99
Trailer after some customization. Cage, Jockey wheel and metal floor.

The Trailer Parts Outlet

Is where JB bought all the parts he needed for his little project. This is what they sent him.

  • 1     2k Trailer Axle – 2000 lb Idler 4 lug(61/46)
  • 1     Trailer U-bolt kit for 2000 lb Axles
  • 2     3 Leaf Trailer Double Eye Spring for 2000 lb Axles
  • 1     Double Eye Single Axle Hanger Kit for 2000-7000 lb Axles
  • 2     13″ 6 ply Radial TWA – ST 175/80R13 – 4×4 (SM)
  • 2     Single Axle 8×28 Smooth Steel Rolled Fender
  • 2     Single Axle 8×28 Fender Back
  • 1     3.5K Straight Tongue Trailer Coupler – 3500 lb 2″ x 3″
  • 1     A-frame 2k Trailer Jack – 2000 lb Top Wind
  • 1     Trailer Jack Footplate
  • 1     Incandescent Light Kit
  • 1     License Plate Light-Rectangular
  • 2     Silver Trailer Safety Chain – 1/4×31″ (5k Capacity)

Also included were the Engineer Approved & Stamped Full Sized 24″ x 36″ Blueprints, with a detailed cut list and complete Bill of Materials (and a printout with some welding advice which he didn’t need).

How to Build a Trailer. Get Started From $29.99
All the parts for small trailer.

JB received all the above for less than $550 delivered to his door.

With the help of a welder friend ( supplied with refreshments), the trailer was built, painted and basically finished over a long weekend.

The cage ( an after thought when someone mentioned dogs ), was done during the week and finished in Bright Galvanized paint ( Bright Gal).

Who is Trailer Parts Outlet.

The trailer parts outlet deals in trailer parts and trailer design. Some below.

How to Build a Trailer. Get Started Today from $29.99
Some of Trailer Parts Outlets more popular plans.

Trailer Parts Outlets Accessories.

So if you’re pulling your trailer down the road, hauling cargo to your next destination or taking things to the local landfill, it’s imperative to have the proper ratchet straps and tie-down straps.

For larger trailer loads, you may need transport chains and lever binders to keep everything secure. Whatever the case may be.

The Trailer Parts Outlet has the cargo control products you need to make sure your trailer load is safe and that you’re abiding by all of the local laws and regulations.

Look through their online catalog today, and if you have any questions, contact them.

Unlike some . Trailer parts outlet has high standards and a huge reputation to uphold.

1.They supply parts to DIY people and Fabrication workshops.

2.They back up their sales with great service.

3.They keep up with trends and supply the gear people want.

Axle-Less trailers for traveling through 4WD country or never adjust brakes for example

Are they Legal?

They are Americas only supplier of Engineer approved and Stamped trailer plans.

They have plans and parts for livestock trailers, tipping trailers, travel trailers, house trailers, boat trailers, flat bed trailers.

I have probably left some out. But I think you get the idea.

How to Build a Trailer. Get Started From $29.99
These are converted to Easy to read Plans for all Trailer Parts Outlet Trailers.

How to Build a Trailer.

Trailer Parts Outlet supplies Retail stores is the go to place for DIY guy’s and fabrication workshops.

Because of their engineered approved workshop drawings and great prices on the parts required by trailer builders to put their trailers together.

With trailer parts outlets engineered plans and some box channel JB, was able to build his trailer with the help of a friend with good welding skills.

In fact quite a few people have set up business using the plans provided by trailer parts outlet. Usually after a brainstorm session.

Or with some help from these pages.

Everything is rated to meet National safety rating standards

The trailer Jeffrey built meets all the requirements for safe road and personal use.

And all done over a couple of days with a buddy who could weld.

How to Build a Trailer. Get Started Today from $29.99
Cracking an Arc.

The parts supplied by trailer parts outlet, guarantee a great long lasting trailer. Plus…

Everyone, including the dogs are happy.

The below pic showing some of the parts that make up the internal running gear for the 7,000lb trailer.

If you wanted (depending on how creative you are), you could build your own camper trailer combining trailer parts outlets plans with some timber building plans.

Some more ideas here.

Parts, Service and Shipping.

Parts are always available should you need them. Trailer parts outlet has a comprehensive easy to understand shipping policy.

At The Trailer Parts Outlet, we are committed to satisfying your needs. We will do what we can to make things right if we are at fault, and will do whatever it takes to help you if we are not.

Click the link below to see how they can help you.

The Trailer Parts Outlet

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  1. Hello there, I am really happy to see this wonderful article and it’s been a while since I have been meaning to learn how to make one and my kids have been on my neck that I also teach them to make it as well.  Checking the Internet and seeing your site made me really happy and the most exciting part is the small money required to get it done. Cheers

  2. I like doing projects and this certainly looks like one good project you can do on your weekends. Build something you can stand back and admire, saying I built  this. If you can start at that amount of $29.99 its definiltely worth it. The good thing is you can order all parts online delivered to your doorstep. Saves you the time to go looking for parts. Thanks for sharing this man. I will try it out soon.

    • No worries Energy,

      This “Rona” has made so many people become used to buying on line the brick and mortar stores had to do something.


  3. Something to get me engaged. I like how the idea of doing something as big as building a trailer started off from you and your friends being at the bar over a drink. I also like the post more because it comes in the style of a story. I’d really not mind giving this a go and I see that the price to buy it is also not so high. I like this.

    • HaHa. 

      Believe it or not Jay, whole towns have been built following a conversation that started in a bar. 

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      I’ve done it myself. 

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