Harmonic Balancer Puller Review. Lisle Corp Vs G&G Technics. 2020 Update.

In this Harmonic Balancer Puller Review. I will be looking at Lisle Corporations 54810 Harmonic Balancer Removal tools and the G&G Technics GGT-180 harmonic balancer puller.

We know a Harmonic Balancer must be removed before replacing the timing chain, camshaft or front engine seal.

Harmonic Balancer Puller Review. Lisle Corp and G&G Technics
This is an image of a home made one.
This is not being reviewed.

Probably, you have seen the You Tube reviews trying to be helpful with their latest creations.

So, while they are playing over on You Tube with little creations…

I will be a little more serious, and review…

The Top Two, High Quality Harmonic Balancer Pullers Available Today.

OTC has a good one also, but it has very limited application compared to the two being reviewed here.

As well, there is a lot of copycat stuff selling for $20 – $50 over on Amazon. I won’t be visiting those either.

Here, We are Reviewing Tools…

That are likely to be found in the workshop of a professional racing outfit, a reputable dealership, or in the tool box of a professional mechanic.

The reason for this review is simple. Automotive Mechanics is not a dying trade.

For the new guys coming through, quality tools need exposure, as much as cheap dangerous tools.

Maybe more than the cheap stuff !, and there has certainly been plenty of those coming into circulation over the last decade or so.

America Needs Mechanics

According to Grand View Research. The global automotive aftermarket was worth 378.4 billion dollars in 2019.

Grand Review Research forecast shows that it is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 4% from 2020 to 2027.

The previous 5 years has seen auto sales at record or near record numbers until running into a brick wall called Corona Virus.

The total global market for EV only vehicles is roughly 1- 1.5%. They are not even coming close, to competing with the internal combustion engine.

After Corona

In the big cities people are going to refrain using public transport in favor of having their own “Safe Space”.

Up Until Corona Virus

The sales numbers from 2019, show there is an increasing market of what my colleague Sirnivasan Mahanti, calls “Middle Quality” vehicles, flying off the show room floors.

This is his $31,000 to $85,000 segment of the market.

Above that he says, is another market, for which the sales have not been as good.

Below $27,500 in the new car market, Sirnivasan says, are cars that more than likely will not be cared for at the same level, as those in the higher dollar price bracket.

He says, while you have good sales numbers in the $35,000 to $100,000 range, increasing numbers of those and their previous models are likely to be on the road for longer… due to good maintenance.

Plus, there will always be restoration projects due to the popularity of those previous models.

As well, the invention of new and better tools for getting jobs done in way more efficient and safer ways than was done back in the day.

All point to a bright future for the automotive industry because of the stability of the middle market.

So lets Take a Look at…

Harmonic Balancer Removal Tools.

When your livelihood depends on good tools, the G&G Technics or the Lisles Harmonic Balancer Puller is a good fit in any pros tool kit or workshop.

If your a handy person who tinkers in the shed on a weekend, where time and quality of tools is not at all important, these are probably not for you.

Lisles Harmonic Balancer Puller

Harmonic Balancer Puller Review. Lisle Corp and G&G Technics
Puller Jaws inserted into balancer
Lisle 3 Jaw set ready to go.

Lisles master harmonic puller set.

Harmonic Balancer Puller Review. Isle Corp and G&G Technics
Numbered Parts
  1. Puller Screw
  2. Drive Screw
  3. Adapter
  4. Tip
  5. Hemi Harmonic Balancer Jaw Set
  6. Camaro Harmonic Balancer Jaw Set
  7. Magnetic Jaw Spacers (3)
  8. 7-3/8" Rod.
  9. 6-1/2” Rod
  10. 5-3/8” Rod
  11. 4″ Rod.
  12. Frame Body
  13. Jaw
  14. Clevis Pin
  15. Body
  16. Washer (3)
  17. Shoulder Bolt (3)
  18. M10 x 1.5 x 75 Bolt (3).
  19. 3/8″ – 16 x 3″ Bolt (2)
  20. 3/8″ – 24 x 3″ Bolt (3)
  21. M8 X 1.25 x 75 Bolt (3)
  22. 5/16″ – 18 x 3″ Bolt (3)
  23. Crescent Shaped Washer (12 pc).
  24. Harmonic Balancer S/A
  25. Case for 54810

Pros For The Lisle Harmonic Balancer Puller Set

As you can see from the above pics it is a…

  • Very comprehensive set, that should cover most vehicles.
  • Includes a Duck Foot and 2 additional sets of Jaw Pullers
  • A mix of metric and imperial bolts. ( parts 17 – 22).

The kit includes a standard harmonic balancer puller, pulling screws and adapters for the 3300 and 3800 GM V6 engines, and a Harmonic Damper Puller for Chrysler, GM, Mitsubishi, & Dodge.

It includes interchangeable puller jaws for 3.6L V6 Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge 5.7L Hemi.

The interchangeable jaws available with this kit, complete the package for the mobile mechanic, and the workshop.

Although it may not cover all bases, it will come close.

In the busy workshop, a second pair of eyes may be needed to make sure it doesn’t go walkabout !

For the above car models, there should be no need to remove the radiator, and the same for many other makes.

This is about as complete a set of quality tools for removing a vehicles Harmonic Balancer as you can find.


As I mentioned about a second pair of eyes will probably be needed in a busy workshop. Duckfoot. A common problem with the duck foot is mechanics (and others), forgetting to put washers on the bolts, taking a chance, fit the impact drill and pull the trigger.

The balancer might come off, but it is not a good look to see a professional technician tapping away with a hammer trying to remove bolts from a tool.

If they didn’t already pull all the way through the ducks foot.

Bolts and washers are consumable’s. There will come a time they will need replacing… Possibly the ducks foot as well, if you keep forgetting to use washers.

The Jaws

The Jaws are high quality. Unlike the some of the “Cheaper” cast ones, where you have to file the cast residue from inside the hook to get it to grip or worse the cast snaps.

Harmonic Balancer Puller Review. Isle Corp and G&G Technics
Lisles complete kit.

This is common on copy pullers where they have used cast iron instead of steel. Or (worse), you bought a set that looked the real deal but it won’t fit to do the job it is supposed to.

Harmonic Balancer Puller Review. Isle Corp and G&G Technics
Copies just don’t get the specs right.

Conclusion and Rating

Lisles has been making parts for vehicles since the 1920’s, beginning with an ignition vibrator for Model T-Fords.

These days Lisles Corp, as well as making its own tools, contracts its tool making process’s to other companies.

This creates inconsistency, where items are made to a cost not a quality. (Think of some of the stuff you see on Amazon).

Although all the bolts, washers for the ducks foot looks untidy…

The 54810 Master Kit is made for the professional technician.

At a suggested retail price of around $310.00, the value of this to the workshop or mechanic can be seen in the 3 Jaw set, with its interchangeable jaws, and the ducks foot. It has everything to get you started.

Properly used cared for, this should be a lifetime set.

The bolts and washers will last for awhile. But, they will always be a consumable item needing replacing. At a few cents each, I am not including them in the rating value.

The Lisle harmonic balancer puller set is available at most leading auto stockists.

My Rating for this Set is a 7.5 - 8.0 out of 10.

G&G Technics Harmonic Balancer Puller.

G&G Technics have a combined total of over 60 years in the automotive industry.

Their entry into manufacturing began more than 20 years ago…

After frustrations with auto companies releasing new models and not fully tooling up for them.

Everyone is happy to have new generation motor vehicles, but you need to also develop new tools for the technicians to work on them.

Tooling companies were not being creative, sticking with the status quo. Just making Spanners, Jacks and giving away calanders.

With little thought going into how to improve a mechanics productivity and save money for the consumer, led to the first harmonic balancer puller that would remove the Balancer from a vehicle…

Without having to drain and remove the radiator and all the associated fittings.

Apart from the cowling, the fan and the serpentine belt…

Harmonic Balancer Puller Review. Lisle Corp and G&G Technics
Original Pat.Design for the 6cyl Ford.

A concept by a working mechanic

Saving nearly 80% of the service time allotted to replace leaky front crankcase seals.

What started out as an idea to make a tool that would save time changing the front oil seal.

Without first spending the first hour or so removing all the bits to remove the radiator.

Revolutionized the tool making industry. Waking up sleeping companies who now saw their whole product lines under threat from new well engineered products, being made under their noses.

This review will focus on the GGT – 180 harmonic balancer puller so we are comparing apples and apples with the Lisle 54810 master kit.

It should be noted both of these will fit a wide variety of other models as well.

Pros for the G&G Technics GGT -180 Harmonic Balancer Puller

Harmonic Balancer Puller Review. Lisle Corp and G&G Technics
GGT – 180
  • Manufactured from one piece high tensile steel.
  • The body of the puller is formed from an investment casting of high-tensile hardened and tempered to 40HRC.
  • The M-16 threaded jacking screw is made from 8.8-grade high tensile steel and is operated by a 24mm socket.
  • Will not damage balancer or belt ribs
  • Deep thread to avoid slipping in the screw case.
  • No fiddly maneuvering of multiple parts in tight spaces to lock the tool into place
  • Use with out removing the radiator.
  • Insert into Damper, twist, then begin removal.
  • The screw rotates within the thrust bearing; its main purpose is to protect the end of the crank.
  • Suits multiple vehicles.
  • Easy to store, no washers, bolts or spare parts needed.
  • Made under strict quality control process’s
  • Full Warranty.

Before use, G & G Technics recommends lubricating the screw threads with high grade lithium-based grease.

To promote the longevity of the tool’s threaded surfaces, the company urges operators to avoid the use of an impact gun during damper removal.


According to the literature, the GGT -180 suits all the models below, as well as many other local and imported vehicles with 3 and 6 spoke balancers.

GM V8 Engines5.3Litre, 5.7L LS1, 6.0 LS2, 6.2L LS3, 7.0 L
FordCoyote 5.0 Supercharged (Pre 2018)
Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep3.5L, 3.7L V6, 4.7L, 5.7L, 6.1L
Plus numerous other 3 and 6 spoke balancers.

Another Video below showing the ease of removing the damper.


Although the GGT – 180 fits many of the 3 and 6 spoke local and imported models. It will not fit the 2018 – current (2020), Ford Mustang 5.0 ltr. balancer.

For this you will need the GGT – 150.

Harmonic Balancer Puller Review. Lisle Corp and G&G Technics
GGT – 150 for the 2018 & up Mustang

This product has its copy cats too, but they are not as extensive as the ones who copy Lisle.

Often the hooks break on the copies, because the molecular structure of the material is different to the original.

If you do not see the G&G Technics brand on the tool. You are being ripped off with a lesser quality tool.

Conclusion and Rating

A extremely tough, well designed tool, with a broad scope of application. It is easy to care for, simply add some lubricant to the jacking screw when using it.

There is no fiddling around in the damper opening, trying to line up pieces with your fingers and lock them in place.

Fitting the GGT-180 is as simple as, insert and turn, then remove the balancer with your choice of tool. As per the video’s.

Both tools offer massive time savings over the old ways of doing things for the workshop and mobile mechanic.

Although the Lisle is good, it is a little old school, (and, it has a lot of copies as I mentioned in this post. ). I favor the simple one piece construction.

The GGT- 180 gets my nod. Due mainly to its one piece construction, the ease to fit it into the balancer with the radiator still in place and ease of storage.

Whether your a mobile or workshop mechanic, the less moving bits you have the easier your job becomes.

I saw it on sale for $140.00. The price may vary depending on your location.

I will rate this a 9.5 out of 10.

To see the stockist nearest you to purchase a GGT-180 Click Here

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Update. 2020 and COVID – 19

Amazon has had ongoing issues with product owners publishing or sourcing out fake reviews.

This is something that Amazon has been proactive about dealing with, but based on the quality of the reviews that you get within Amazon, it is often times very difficult to get any substance from the “first impression” reviews that say the product is great.

This is an ongoing issue that is difficult to mitigate, but it also hurts the customer whom buy products / services based on their high star rating, when in reality the products could be low quality.

6 thoughts on “Harmonic Balancer Puller Review. Lisle Corp Vs G&G Technics. 2020 Update.”

  1. I’m not that much of an automotive dabbler (I don’t like taking risks on my cars yet) but it’s always good to know some stuff about engineering so I could have an eye on the Mechanic guy. 

    The Lisle harmonic balancer puller set and the G&G Technics GGT -180 Harmonic Balancer Puller are tools I will remember when going to the mechanic next time.

    I’ll try to follow your ratings because having a 25-pieces tool to do the same work as a 1 piece tool would do, there is no choice, so I choose the GGT-180 even if I preferred the Lisle’s design. 

    But the design doesn’t fix a car, quality tool and mechanics do. 

    Although I can’t stop myself but ask why couldn’t Lisle make a simpler but efficient harmonic balancer puller?

    • Good question.  

      The original idea for the G&G Technics harmonic balancer pullers came from a mechanic who thought there had to be a better way of getting the harmonic balancer off,  with out pulling everything in front of the engine block off the car. 

      The Lisle design was an upgrade of an earlier set that looked like some torture instrument from the Spanish Inquistion.

  2. My choice would be the Lisles master harmonic puller set. This is because of it’s versility. I am not a professional mechanic but on occasion I have done personal work on my own car. This has taught me that having the having the right tool makes the job so much easier and quicker. At the same time, it saves me money because the chances of damaging the part I am working on is lessened. 

    • Some good points Russell,

      Cost and Ease of application come into play when making these decisions Russell.  

      The G&G Technics puller fits the same models and is easier to slot into the balancer with the radiator not removed. It also is a one piece construction steel construction. 

      For the professional time and not doing any damage are the cornerstone of the trade.  

      Thanks for your comment. 

  3. Well! I am not exactly the type that would be in on the market to get this or be too enthusiastic about using it. However, it is really a good thing to see something like this out here. My brother is actually a mechanic and I see him benefiting a lot from this website so I will share this with him and hopefully, he will be one of your site loyalists. Thanks


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