Who are G and G Technics and their Role in the Automotive Industry?

What does G and G Technics Do?

G and G Technics dedicates itself to the automotive industry, making tools that make it easier for the guy working under the bonnet of a vehicle.

The guy in the workshop, with the oily rag in the back pocket of his overalls.

Or the guy with the mobile workshop, whose reputation depends on getting his customers back on the road quickly.

Who are G & G Technics

Who are G and G Technics and their Role in the Automotive Industry?

They are a couple of guys who have had grease under their fingernails, skinned knuckles, burns from hot engine parts, and narrow misses from heavy things just dropping “out of nowhere”.


To deal with customers not happy being charged hundreds of dollars to have a $9.99 part replaced, has always been part of the job description for those in the motor trade. 


G&G Technics provides the tools where this long standing problem is no longer an issue.

It was from these customer complaints, and mechanic’s frustrations with car makers, for not tooling up properly when they bought out new models.

That necessity (once again), became the mother of invention.

Who are G and G Technics and their Role in the Automotive Industry?
Ford Mustang 5.0ltr. 2018 & up harmonic balancer puller.

The idea…

Of having to disconnect water and oil lines, pull the cooling fans and radiator out…Just to get at the harmonic balancer, using something that looked like a torture tool from the Spanish Inquisition, to get the balancer off, just to change a leaky $9.99 part…

Once done… Reassemble everything as quickly as possible.

And make sure you not around when the customer comes to collect the vehicle.

Leave the workshop manager to explain that cost.

This is how it was on the newly released 2001 model line, showing there were no advancements in automotive tooling coming into the 21st century from the car makers…

Something needed to change.

A Template was Made…

And after work hours the first tool that would remove a harmonic balancer, without hauling out the radiator and all the bits and pieces was made on a lathe in an old engineering workshop. 

In the wee hours of the morning a prototype was ready to be trailed.

Since Then

G and G Technics designs and makes specialized tools for the automotive business, tradesman and weekend tinkerer.

Building on their reputation for providing tools that make working in the tight confines of engine bays, repairing worn suspension components or any other general car maintenance work safer and way more efficient than any other methods in use today.

These days G&G Technics makes.

  • Harmonic Balancer pullers
  • Power steering/water pump pulley removers
  • Wheel bearing remover/replacing adaptors
  • Ball joint and Suspension tools

For the automotive mechanical business

  • This means more money in your pocket.
  • You will have an increasing loyal base of happy customers
  • Generating a lot more goodwill (paying customers), for you.

These days G&G Technics makes.

  • Harmonic Balancer pullers
  • Power steering/water pump pulley removers
  • Wheel bearing remover/replacing adaptors
  • Ball joint and Suspension tools

You can buy their tools at any of the stockists on this page or visit their home page here.

For the people who use G&G Technics tools…

You can depend on us to supply gear that does not let you down. If, on a rare occasion there is a nasty surprise…

                      You will have a replacementFree. 

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Update 2020.

It is nothing new in this industry. For years and years there was always someone coming out with a “better” cheaper spanner.

But look around and the original still has pride of place in a stores display.

Their ideas generated by G & G Technics, have been transformed into tools that work, and as these tools became more mainstream, copies of them have appeared.

It was mentioned in this post but not elaborated on.

Better use of time has been spent building more useful tools utilizing ratchets. and hydraulics are also playing a greater part in workshop tools.

The problem for the past few years has been what they call OEM. Original Equipment Manufacture.

Basically anyone can now source out and white label (OEM) their own brand / product from China these days.

You have people creating products (sometimes even in the health supplement/vitamin world) without any expertise or knowledge.

This has lead to a lot of low quality products, and sometimes even unsafe products.

Issues with Fake Reviews, or Fabricated Reviews. 

You Tube and Amazon.

You can copy a product and have it made as OEM.

Put it on You Tube as in the video below

Sort of side by side with the original. See below.

Looks the Same But is It?

Counterfeits can be good, but they are still counterfeits and they always have a weak point.

With metals used for tools if the process’s are different you will have metal failing. As seen in this post.

If there is a sector of the economy gaining momentum OEM seems to become more prevalent.

While the quality may look the same and the price is less, OEM is never as good. See below photo.

Are Cheap Auto Parts Online A Scam
OOPS. It looked great on Amazon.

Amazon and the Problems With Reviews.

Amazon has had ongoing issues with product owners publishing or sourcing out fake reviews.

This is something that Amazon has been proactive about dealing with, but based on the quality of the reviews that you get within Amazon.

It is often times very difficult to get any substance from the “first impression” reviews that say the product is great.

This is an ongoing issue that will be difficult to mitigate, but it also hurts the customer whom buy products/services based on their high star rating, when in reality the products could be low quality.

Covid – 19 and Amazon.

Amazon has used this to pitch the idea that they are the Good Samaritan.

On one hand, they have moved to stocking and selling primary essentials like grocery items to help with the worldwide lock downs and social distancing measures.

On the other hand. The sellers outside of the essential product categories are really being hurt from this, with the increasing costs of dealing with Amazon.

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