Is Cheap Auto Parts Online A Scam

A look at google and there are over 2 billion searches to buy cheap auto parts online. In Googles top 10 is Amazon.

What sort of after sales service you could expect from Amazon I have no idea. But you got to believe it is a mine field if your shopping for parts for your vehicle(s).

Who are You Buying From

Are Cheap Auto Parts Online A Scam?
Auto Parts are cheap the freight isn’t

A quick look down the list of popular sites for auto parts and there are some very esteemed names in the list. For example…

  • Cheap Auto Parts Online.
  • Dirt Cheap auto parts
  • Cheapest auto parts
  • Cheap used auto parts.
  • Used auto parts online.

The most popular site in that list is “Used auto parts online” with over 7500 searches a month, compared to “Dirt cheap auto parts” 470 monthly searches.

Business’s using names like “Discount auto parts online” does okay with 3600 monthly searches, but plenty of other “legitimate” sounding business’s are only getting searches in the low to mid hundreds.

Some of the main players like get about 320,000 a month. With so many business’s competing for so many searches, some business’s will have two or three listings in googles search pages.

And really… This amount of competition should be looked upon as a good thing.

I mean, why should Amazon have all the fun?

But in there among those trying to provide a service to their customers there is always one or three working devious plans, to skim a few bucks off unsuspecting buyers.

Many people getting their car fixed or serviced don’t understand the costs involved.

They think by buying the part they are saving money. Nothing wrong with that thinking, but it rarely translates in savings.

Some times even the big guys get caught…


A piece posted today (24th July 2020), Centric Parts got hit with an $8 million settlement for trying to evade customs duties to the United States government.

Centric, one of the bigger distributors in the aftermarket brake and chassis parts supply, in North America, agreed to the settlement to resolve allegations that. “Centric miss – classified brake pads imported from Asia to avoid tariffs, Concealing a decade-long period of misconduct to avoid paying millions of dollars in duties it owed the United States.”


Cheap Parts Quality

Are Cheap Auto Parts Online A Scam

That highlights a bigger issue as well. I am not being racist here but, so many things are centralized in China, because of its raw material processing and plentiful labor.

China is sometimes an easy mark because of the diversity of products coming out of that country. But it has developed a strong car industry, much of based on European cars.

Mercedes has been a consistent player in the Chinese auto industry for many years. For FY 2019 Mercedes sold nearly 2,400,000 units. 438,400 of them Vans !.

Generally you could say that the quality of parts coming out of China is good.

Obviously, because so much of a car is outsourced these days, there will be product runs that don’t come up to standard.

What about Dirt Cheap Auto Parts.

Often terms like these are just slogans. Whether they are or not you are not going to know until you get the part.

Being dudded buying a car part is nowhere near as bad as online scams like this, where people have lost nearly everything. But still, it is not a nice feeling.

No-one is going to sell at a loss, but when you are deviating away from genuine parts anything is possible.

Mechanics generally build a rapport with spare parts outlets early in their working lives, often these relationships continue for many years.

For the lay person, working on new model cars is generally not much fun. unlike the models before the computer took over, when spare parts came from reputable well known brands, and to get the job done a carton of beer and a BBQ was as good or better than cash.

Cheap Automotive Tools

Unfortunately cheap automotive tools. face very few manufacturing restrictions. Generally they are not marketed to professional mechanics because there quality will be quickly gauged.

Still, there will be plenty of mechanics and back yard warriors who have had sockets split cracking a bolt or nut. If it was a well known brand they often have a long warranty

Are Cheap Auto Parts Online A Scam

And plenty of people who have bought cheap tools online only to find they didn’t fit or wouldn’t do the job they were meant to.

Like the record industry where people were making copies of hits records, there is a whole other industry out there just copying other peoples designs

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